October 29, 2009


As any baseball fan knows, the fourth inning is the beer inning.

Jayson Werth [amazingly enough, not sic] singles then gets picked off 1st base. Strike out, fly out. Solid inning for Burnett.

After my last live blogging effort, longtime reader Cunado wrote, "Any [Blogadier General] live blogging event is not to be missed." Goes to show you can't trust a North Carolina pump salesman.

While I'm complaining, Teixeira blasts a changeup over the right-center field wall to tie the game.

Fox on-field commentator Ken Rosenthal just called Pedro's pregame press conference a "tour de force". Josh thinks "tour de force" is overused these days. I think Ken Rosenthal is overused these days.

Hairston, Jr. strikes out to end the inning. 1-1 after 4 innings.


  1. Much to your dismay or pleasure, the North Carolina Pump Salesman is in the Blog House following an incredible evening of Eddie Money, live and in the slowly decaying flesh. Live Blogging event not to be missed indeed. Not. To. Be. Missed.




  2. Also, for this to be an interactive live blogging event, a Certain Blogger might want to do away with his comment posting security gauntlet, if only for the evening.

    Who's your Daddy?

    I also am surprised by Pedro's performance as I was sure the Yankees were permanently implanted in his head. So far, not the case. I don't care what Josh says about that.


    Go Yanks.