April 7, 2008

i'll try not to be so selfish

My cousins are visiting from Charlotte this week. When I met them this afternoon, eight-year-old Lucy handed me a story she had written:

Once upon a time there were four mice who were in a family there names were David, Lucy, Nana Pat, and Grand dad. David was so lazy he only gatherd food for himself he played all day when Lucy, Nana pat, and Grandad worked all day. We worked so hard one day that david said we were lazy and he did all the work. Then one day david scarfed down the food at dinner time and didn't leav us any at all. so one day all of us but not david were so angry we said to david "We are tired of you eating are dinner every night look how skinny we are we have not eaten in ages because you are hoging every thing." Then Daivd said "Okay i'll try not to be so selfish." So then the four mice lived happliy ever after.


April 1, 2008

I've got a new attitude

I've decided to start taking this blog much more seriously. Starting today, I'm going to start writing every day, hopefully contributing something more substantive than a link or a Youtube clip. I realized on the subway this morning that I have plenty to say; I've just been too lazy to get it out. I'd like to thank my readers for their patience during this dry spell, and I promise your loyalty will be rewarded in short order.

Today I'd like to talk about the economy.


I still don't have shit to say, but I'd be remiss not to pass along this link. It's the least I can do.