March 14, 2008

Get a load of this

Great as Full Metal Jacket is, I must admit I never really appreciated the ol' gun-as-penis metaphor. But now that I'm the owner of a huge fucking shotgun, it's starting to make sense.

March 13, 2008

Here's something interesting

The full story can be read here.

Isn't that interesting?

March 10, 2008


We slept later than we'd meant to; it was a Sunday. Eventually we got up and put ourselves together for a run. We ran a while but I pulled up with a bad knee and we had to walk back. We needed milk for the pancakes but she'd remembered to slip a $5 bill in her sock before we left so we stopped at a gas station and bought some milk and a bottle of water that we shared in the sun.

The pancakes were buckwheat and not much by themselves but they were alright with fruit on them. We ate in front of the tv with the Redskins game on and read the Times intermittently. I gathered up the dishes when we were done and took them to the kitchen then she came over and we washed them together in silence. She told me later she thought about having sex then, which would have been alright but instead we went back to the couch and the game and she put her legs and her purple toenails over my lap which was alright too.

At some point my friend called and by the time I hung up the phone the Jets had tied the score and we got to watch overtime while I packed. She took some grapes and some Halloween-sized Kit Kats and another bottle of water and put it all in a brownbag for my flight and she did all of this without ceremony.

Then we went down to the corner and got me in a cab. We looked at each other as I drove away but the car was pointed in the wrong direction when I got in it and when it made a u-turn we had to look at each other some more. Finally it made a left, out of sight, and I went back to where I came from.