June 14, 2010

Pretty, pretty, pretty Toney

If you could only take advice from one person for the rest of your life, that person really ought to be Ghostface Killah. Some time ago, MTV2 had the good sense to give him his own advice forum, and the world has been an immeasurably better place ever since. Most of the videos aren't available on YouTube, but some enterprising youngsters have posted the audio clips over some other bullshit. Every one of these clips is crucial to living a fulfilling life, but there's one in particular I'd like to share:

In case you're one of those assholes who doesn't actually watch the clips I post, the gist of it is this: when you're in the shower, wash your face before you wash your balls. Most people wash their balls and then wash their face, and when you think about it, that shit is disgusting. (Trust me that Ghost makes this point far more convincingly than I do.)

So essentially, I've been walking out the door every morning with balls on my face. Now that I think about it, this probably explains quite a bit about me.