June 22, 2007

EXCLUSIVE! Certain Blogger revealed!

BLOGTOWN-- After months of wide-ranging speculation, it appears the mystery of the man behind Certain Blogs is close to being solved. Last Thursday, an off-duty cameraman working for the Charlotte, North Carolina CBS affiliate WNOG snapped the clearest known picture of the reclusive blogger, known pseudononymously as "Blogadier General".

After taking the picture on his cell phone, the photographer-- N. McCracken of Boonesboro-- was pursued and eventually overtaken by the irate General. During the ensuing scuffle, the celebrity blogger wrestled the phone from McCracken and demolished it, but not before McCracken managed to send a copy of the sought-after photograph to his friend Ete Packley via text message.

While the issue of Blogadier General's true identity is still a matter of dispute, authorities believe the photograph depicts one Thomas Lennon, an actor and comedian who recently starred in the box-office flop Reno 911!: Miami!

Lennon's possible involvement in Certain Blogs may come as little surprise to those familiar with his work. Certain Blogs's wildly erratic humor, half-baked social commentary, and utter dearth of critical and public acclaim evoke memories of Lennon's former television series, the 1990's MTV sketch comedy show The State.

Blogadier General, who isn't a real general, has been blogging since June 2006.

June 1, 2007

Certain Birthdays

Certain Blogs turned 1 today. It's hard to believe this fucking thing lasted past August and harder to believe I didn't have the decency to pull the plug around November.

What does the future hold for Certain Blogs? Probably 3-4 snarky, hastily written paragraphs per month. Everything else remains to be seen.