October 29, 2009


I'm fully expecting my roommate to make nachos for dinner, but right now he's asleep on the couch. This doesn't look good.

The camera finds some jackass in the stands wearing a Halloween costume, leading to the following exchange:
Joe Buck: "it's that time of year"
McCarver: "tomorrow night!"
Josh is awake and laughing his ass off.

Meanwhile, with a runner on second, Burnett intentionally walk Chase Utley to pitch to Ryan Howard, who had 45 home runs and 141 RBI this season. A curious move, but it works: he strikes out to end the threat.

Pedro issues a one-out walk to the #9 hitter, Miguel Cabrera, then strikes out Jeter for the second time. Have I mentioned that Jeter is a complete bitch? Damon flies out and the inning is over.

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