October 29, 2009


The most beguiling thing about this year's playoffs--besides the unprecedentedly shitty umpiring--has been Joe Buck and Tim McCarver's competent work in the booth. Buck has been unremarkable. And McCarver, bless his heart, has actually had a number of insightful things to say. I've kept my ears open for asinine commentary, but so far I haven't found anything worth ridiculing.

Yankee starter AJ Burnett also looks sharp. When I point out that the movement on Burnett's pitches looks a lot like Pedro's, Josh wonders if Burnett might be the Yankees' croupier.

Ah. Ibanez hits a ground rule double that bounces off the left field foul line into the stands. McCarver aptly notes, "there are only seven players behind the pitcher, and they can't be everywhere." Thanks, Tim.

Matt Stairs then grounds a sharp single past A-Rod, scoring Ibanez, who takes advantage of Damon's impossibly weak arm. 1-0 Phillies.

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