October 29, 2009


Big inning for the Phillies--Utley, Howard and Ibanez are due up, plus Burnett's pitch count is creeping towards 100. The sooner the Phils can get to the Yankees awful bullpen, the better.

Phillies go down in order.

Pedro whiffs Teixeira and A-Rod for his 7th and 8th strike outs. My prediction sure was dumb. I'll never doubt Pedro again.

Aaaand we have our first comment of the night. Welcome, Cunado.

Aaaaaaaaaaand Matsui homers to right. I'll always doubt Pedro again.

Robinson Cano just flew out to left field, and boy are his arms tired.


  1. I meant Werth, not Ibanez, of course. Ibanez won't fuck up until the top of the 7th.

  2. Fucking Matsui. There are only two ways that I'll ever be able to like him: (1) if he goes to the Mariners next year and (2) if he publicly discusses his fabled porn collection.

  3. Full Disclosure: I stole that "boy are his arms tired" joke from my good buddy Snete Wackley. He first used it about 10 years ago, and I've been waiting to steal it ever since.